Thursday is here!

I want to know if everyone got in touch with someone they hadn’t talked to in a while???  From those I did hear from, thank you.  I’m glad you accepted the challenge…

Now, for today, it’s easy…really.  all you need to do is SMILE.  Smile at everyone.  Watch how the reactions change.  It is amazing how much a little change in you face can make someone’s day. 

Did you all know that it takes more muscles to frown then to smile?  Really, I’m not kidding but there are more of us that frown than smile.  Let’s all practice…come on…you can do it!


4 thoughts on “Thursday is here!

  1. Awww. I love you also. I really miss you! I am back in bed most of the time now with what they think is another messed up disc in my neck this time! Taking so many medications I’m going to rattle!!
    Glad to see you are reading my blog…
    Call me sometime.

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