Finally Friday!

Hope today finds everyone well.  Did you all try to smile, call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and just say something nice to someone?  Well, for today…let’s all just be thankful for the day.

Keep a smile on your face and go on with your day.  I firmly believe that most of the way our day turns out is up to us.  We make our own happiness.  No one can do it for you.  Keep a positive attitude. 

I have had a time this week with pain in my arm.  If I take the pain meds, it seems to help some but it makes me too sleepy.  So, for today, I am going to keep telling myself that I can get thru this.  I am not going to stay in bed all day today, like I have for the last few days.  Someday, I will find a doctor that can help me and fix all these problems I’m having. 

My mother used to say that when she passed away she wanted us to put on her head stone “I told you I was sick”.  I think of that all the time now.  I understand exactly what she meant.  I am going to keep her saying going for her!  When I pass away, I want a doctor to figure out what in the world is wrong with me and help the next poor soul going through this!  In the mean time, I am going to try to think positive…

We can do it.  All of us together will make a change…We have to, for our next generation!


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