Wonderful Wednesday…

Well, another day.  It’s all good when you wake up! 

Just a little update…my son is doing fair.  I say “fair” because it doesn’t seem that his pain is under control just yet.  Yesterday the occupational therapist requested a brace for his foot.  He had foot drop prior to surgery and they thought it would be corrected after the operation but that didn’t happen.  As of 8 o’clock this morning, he still hadn’t gotten it.  To top it all off, he is 280 pounds, 6 foot 3 inches…a big boy…They are afraid to give him too much pain medication due to his past!  Well, I’m here to tell you, I have had back surgery two times…I needed pain medication and I would have had a living fit if they gave me the stuff they are giving him.  Now, with that being said, I made myself get up and move.  He won’t do it and claims they don’t want him to get up.  That could be due to his foot but still.  He is having so much trouble moving around in the bed.  He has to move or he will stay in pain.  I know!

Anyway, they said he can come home today.  Please tell me how we will move this man, as big as he is, when he is hurting so bad???  I am not well myself and I know I can’t lift him.  If he falls because of that foot, he could mess everything up in his back.  I realize he has no pain tolerance and he can’t stay doped up but darn.  Something has to give.  I would think they would keep him in the hospital until he could at least get out of bed on his own, wouldn’t you?

Maybe I’m just being an over protective mother, even tho he is 31 years old!  I just wish I could take this pain away for him.  I know he has to work through it, I know he has to make himself move, I know he has to deal with some of this pain…I know all of this, I just hate to see him hurt so bad.

So, I hope you all will continue to keep him in your prayers.  Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday…

  1. I hope he starts to feel better. I agree with you, why would they send him home if he can’t even get his self out of bed. Are they sending home with any special equipment?

    You be careful and take care of yourself as well. You can’t afford to hurt your self anymore.

    Keep us posted on how he and you are doing. My prayers are with you and he both.

    • We had a walker at home for him to use…Finally got him home in bed, will see how it goes. He has someone with him and is going to have PT and OT visit him at home.
      Thanks for the prayers!

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