Thursday once again!

Well, a quick update…My son is doing some better.  He was able to maneuver the walker and get thru the house this morning.  I hope he will do what he is supposed to do!  (I’m a pushy mother!)  So, maybe he can’t start to heal, without staying in bed all day today!!!

Now, my next frustration!!!  I haven’t felt well for years…you can imagine how frustrated I am.  Everyone says how wonderful I look.  I just don’t know how to make them understand, the problems I have are internal.  It may not show in my “looks” but the pain and issues are real.  I try not to take pain medication during the day because I never know when I will get a call from someone saying, “I need…”. 

My husband said I have to learn how to say, “NO”.  I just don’t feel good if I don’t help out whoever it is that needs help.  The problem is, I usually end up hurting worse after I do the “whatever” it is someone needs. 

It makes me want to run away to a faraway island with no way to get back!!! 

So, for today, I think I will turn off the phones, lock myself in the house and work on the writing I have neglected for months.  What do you think????


2 thoughts on “Thursday once again!

  1. I like that running away to an island part….I could go for that! You try to do too much always, we’ve talked about this before…but you cannot change who you are. I like you that way, I wouldn’t want you to change. But some times you just have to learn to put yourself first, and with a “family” like yours…..thats tough! But if you keep “failing” at this pace….they will all be learning to get along without you , period!!! Come on….get a little selfish, and let go a little. I’ll help ya!!

    • Maybe we can talk the guys into it!!! Don’t you think we could make it on a desert island??? Live off the land!!! Just have to take plenty of vodka with us!!!

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