What is today???? Tuesday!!!

Well, good morning everyone…How are you?  I have been a bit under the weather the last few days.  Same ol stuff, just different days!  But…I am not going to dwell on that now.  It is too wonderful outside to think about the bad…

I got up (many times) some time this morning and could not believe how wonderful it was outside.  I didn’t even want to go back to bed.  I was afraid the temperature would go up to fast.  It was only 58 degrees.  I was so happy.  I love that type of morning.  Now, I don’t mind it getting up to the mid 80’s during the day so we can enjoy the pool but when it gets as hot as it was this weekend, even the pool wasn’t refreshing.

My question to everyone is………does anyone understand what is going on with this strange weather this year????  First we have snow storms which hadn’t been seen in 30 years or more.  Now we have such heat.  Records have been broken all over the map.  I think Mother Nature has had a bad year!  Whatever the reason it is a cause for us to take notice.  The world is changing, are we doing this??? 

Oh well, I can’t answer the worlds problems today, gotta get this problem with my arm fixed, one way or another!

Have a wonderful day everyone…


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