Wednesday, again!

The power of prayer is a wonderful thing.  Keith’s mom is now responding to simple commands.  She isn’t totally “awake” but we know that she is hearing them.  My son (step-son) is so upset.  He is trying to figure out what will happen from here!  I keep telling him, one day at a time.  The doctors have done test after test on her leg.  I am sure they are trying to decide how much she will have to lose.

Decisions are to be made today about when surgery will be.  He will be going back up to Baltimore with his wife as soon as they let him know.  It is so hard for him to leave her but he knows he has to go to work.  Bills have to be paid (darn it!).  He is so torn.  I wish I had plenty of money! 

Well, again, she will have such a long road ahead of her.  I just pray the entire family can find their way to handle all of it. 

I can not imagine going to bed on a Thursday night and waking up 2 weeks later, in a strange hospital, without part of my leg.  The Lord will see everyone through.

Thanks again…


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