Thankfully Thursday…

Well, the latest…  The surgeons did remove the leg to the middle of her knee.  They will have to go back and take more of her leg but she was becoming unstable so they had to stop the surgery. 

More doctors have come on board to try to figure out what the original problem is.  No one knows just yet what caused her to become so sick in the first place.  Once they got the “infection” under control, they had to focus on the leg.  Very strange.

Please keep Keith and his mother in your prayers.  This is going to be such a struggle, such a long healing process.  I just can’t imagine all the emotions she will have to go through.  She wasn’t awake enough to realize she was going to surgery, much less know that she was going to come out without part of her leg.

I’ve told Keith, we have to look at the positive…She is alive!  That was touch and go for a while so we have to be thankful for all we can get!



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