Suddenly Saturday!!!

I can tell you all how wonderful things are going for Keith’s mother!  When he visited with her yesterday, she knew he was there and who he was!  She was able to shake her head ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to answer questions..  She even understood the “joke” the nurse made about giving her a “cool” bath later in the day. 

Gina, like myself, stay hot.  I don’t know if it’s because we are getting older or the medications or a combination of the two.  Keith asked her if she was cool and she shook her head “no”.  The nurse asked her if she wanted a bath in cool water later on and she shook her head up and down.  Then the nurse asked her if she wanted some ice in the water and Gina shook her head faster up and down!  She even looked like she tried to smile!!!  Such wonderful, wonderful news…

She is still on a vent and will be for another couple of days.  She will have to go in for more surgery so they are not going to take her off until that is over.  The inital problem that sent her to the hospital has still not been determined.  The doctors do not feel they will be able to find out what caused her to get sepsis in the first place due to having so many antibiotics for the leg.  Since her leg became the major issue and they had to treat it first.

She doesn’t know yet that they have amputated her leg and doesn’t know just yet that she will have to have more surgery.  Baby steps… They don’t want to cause her anymore stress just yet.  One thing at a time.

All the prayers have done the trick!  Please continue praying…This is going to be a long road for her and her family.  With all the love and support I know we will get through it!



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