Well, Sunday is here…

Well…we had good news and bad news yesterday afternoon and last night.  Gina was taken off the breathing tube and was told about losing her leg.  She was awake enough to ask if Keith was there yet or not and cried (of course) about the leg.  She did great for about 6 hours and just as Keith was walking into see her…they had to put the breathing tube back. 

Bless her heart.  Her oxygen level dropped and she started getting confused so they had to put her back on the darn thing.  Such a shame.  We were all sooooo happy that she was off the machine.  Keith is devastated.  He couldn’t get up there any sooner due to Ryan’s go-kart race (they were right in the middle of it!).  The poor child was so torn.  He wanted to leave right away but didn’t want to let his son down either.  I feel so terrible for him.

All we can continue to do is pray now.  I hope they can figure all this mess out.  Maybe they can get to the root of the initial problem!

Thank you all again so much for continuing to read!!!


2 thoughts on “Well, Sunday is here…

  1. Keeping you all in prayers … Remembering my dad who was a quadruple amputee. Not not good news but it sounds as if it was necessary due to the infection.

    Continued prayers for removal of the tube and further healing.


    • Thank you so much Steve! I really do believe and I know in my heart that the Lord will take care of all!
      Love ya,

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