Mystical Monday!

Things are looking up some for Keith’s mother.  She was alert yesterday and last night.  She didn’t want Keith and Kim to leave her! 

The doctors had to put in a feeding tube and of course she is still on the vent but all the blood work is looking good.  They have found the root of the problem that took her to the hospital in the first place…salmanella!  Apparently she had gotten sick from some carry out food. (That is what they are thinking!).  Of course, this won’t be able to be proved, where it came from!  She had it from the start!  All the antibiotics have taken care of it now so it’s just getting her off of the vent and getting the leg straight.  She will still need more surgery on her leg to make sure it will heal well enough for a prosthetic. 

She still has a long way to go but there definitely is improvement!

Let’s keep the prayers going!!!  They are certainly working.  Thanks to all…


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