Wonderful Wednesday!!!

GREAT NEWS!!!  Keith’s mother was able to come off the vent!  Keith actually got to talk with her on the phone last night.  He is thrilled!!!  She understood everything about her leg and assured Keith that she would be fine.  She knew it would be a long road to recovery but that she could do it.

He was so happy he didn’t know what to do or say!  This has been a hard up hill battle and certainly isn’t over with but I don’t think any of it would have been possible without all the thoughts and prayers. 

Gina will be having more surgery today on the leg to prepare it for a prosthetic.  She was okay with all of that as well.  She understood there would be so much rehab and again, she understood!

Things are looking up!  Keep up the good work with all the prayers!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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