Finally Friday!!!

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday!  I took Keith up to University of Maryland hospital to see his mother.  She is doing so well!!!  No tubes except IV’s.  She will have to have another round of dialysis but that is just to boost her kidneys one more time.

I was able to stay in the waiting room and take a nap!  He had such a nice visit.  She knows how many prayers are going around for her and wants everyone to know how thankful she is!  And last night when he talked with her they were moving her out of the ICU!! 

Everything is looking up!  She is healing so fast since they removed her leg!  She has accepted the amputation.  Of course, she is mad and I realize she will have so much to go through but I think she will get there.  It will just be a long road ahead.

If we could keep the prayers going, I know things will be okay.  Thanks to all of you for your continued support.  You don’t know how much we all appreciate it all!

I will continue to keep everyone posted but for now, we are definitely on the right road!!!


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