Wet Wednesday!

OMG… The rain and storms we have gotten over the last 12 hours!  We need the rain but do we have to get it all at one time???  Yesterday I needed to add water to the pool and didn’t do it, thank goodness.  Today it is running over.  Oh well, can’t complain… we really do need it.

Now, my next subject…I got word from the publisher…Rejected!  The good thing is, with a few changes, they would be interested in publishing it!  I have to work on the beginning of my book, gotta get a good “hook”.  So, it really isn’t all bad news..

My last problem of the day….I am in more PAIN than I have been in for a long time.  I went to physical therapy today for this silly shoulder and now…well, let’s just say it will be medication and bed here in a few minutes!!  I keep thinking if I continue to use these arms they will get better but it isn’t working.

So, not much else for today.  I think this is enough news!!!

Thanks for listening….


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