Oh my gosh! I have been away for tooooo long…but I’m back!

Let me see…I was away for a week on vacation, then I have been out with this darn shoulder setting me in a fit, and the worse part is…I have been soooo lazy!

I don’t have the energy of a new-born calf!  I guess I’m going thru this darn chronic fatigue again!  I have been put on another medicine because of my osteoporosis being so bad.  I give myself a shot everyday.  Hopefully, this will help me rebuild bone.  We will see.

What else can I tell ya???  I have had so much going on!  I have to rework the beginning of my book, “Waking Up”, and resubmit it to the publisher.  I also need to get busy working on my genealogy.  I have slipped.  Now, last but certainly not least, I have to get this dagone house clean.  It is a site!  Problem is, I can’t do much.  If I do, I end up in bed with my back, or arm or something hurting!!!  If I don’t , the health department is going to have a fit! (hehehe).

An update on Keith’s mom, she is in a rehab doing better.  Her spirits are great, and she is showing improvement everyday.  I spoke with her the other day and she is so thankful for all the prayers!  She said there were never enough of them!  Thanks again everyone!

Okay, enough blah, blah, blah for today!  Come back tomorrow and I will try to have an interesting post!!! hahahaha.


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