Suddenly Saturday!!!

Well kids, I’m back in business!!  I complained to Dell about this laptop being under warranty and them telling me I would have to send it back to them and be without it for 2 weeks!  They finally told me they would send a tech to me.  Then my power cord wanted to act stupid.  I went online to Dell and they wanted $69.95 for a new cord…I then went to Ebay and found the same cord, brand new for $11.65!  Now, you tell me…Do you think there is a mark up????

When the He changed my screen and video card.  He also told me that the cord should have been under warranty also!

Now, I tell you.  With all the money these things cost, and with all the things you need to do online now, why do we have to fight to get the warranty they say you get when you buy the machines???

My whole point is…make sure you stand your ground and don’t just do the first thing they tell you IF you have problems.  I didn’t and I got my machine fixed in one day.  In a week I received my cord so hopefully, I will be back in business!!!

Next, I want to let everyone know once again how thankful we are for all the prayers for Keith’s mother.  She had another mishap with the rehab center giving her the wrong medication.  She was back at the hospital for a couple of days getting herself straight from that.  She is now back to the rehab and doing well.  I talked with her this morning and she is able to stand on her right leg.  She is also able to get out of the bed by herself.

Hopefully, things are getting somewhat back to normal!


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