Thunderous Tuesday!

Let me say…I made it through surgery!  My shoulder was jammed up with lots of scar tissue and I had a few tears.  The “gas person” (as my husband calls them), did a wonderful job.  I was given a ‘block’ so I didn’t feel anything in my neck, shoulder or arm, then I was put to sleep!  It was funny in a way, I remember them telling me they were going to give me… that’s it, I don’t remember anything else!  Gotta love it.  I apparently had lots of pain after the surgery and was given so good stuff to take it all away.  I woke up with my friend in the recovery room saying, “Terri, breathe”.  All I wanted to do was sleep but I suppose I didn’t want to take in enough oxygen!  She would say, “Come on Terri, you gotta breathe, take a deep breath”. 

I was so happy (usually am after given these meds), all I wanted to do was sleep or hug everybody.  I bet I was funny.  I just hope and pray I wasn’t a pain in the rump.  Now, since I got my feeling back (24 hours later), I have been a little sore. 

I went to therapy on Monday, yes Monday right after surgery on Friday, and made out okay.  I can at least move my shoulder now.  Muscles are sore and will be for a while but that’s okay.  I will be fine, let’s hope, in no time!

Thanks for all the prayers and a special thanks to all of you that were there for me at the hospital.  I love and miss you all!


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