Thankfully Thursday!

Didn’t have much to update on with my friends’ dad.  He has gone up and down for the last couple days.  He is now off the ventilator but still on some sedation.  His kidney output is somewhat better but he still is not “himself”.  The doctors are hopeful that he will turn around but it is just going to take time.

When I posted a month ago about my stepson’s mother, I told you she had salmonella.  Well, “Pop” has E coli!  E coli causes bleeding in the kidneys and of course the infection with the high fevers.  Until the infection clears, he is going to have some of the continued fevers.  He did have an episode with his heart last night.  He got out of rhythm, they had to get the crash cart but he converted on his own.  Since then his blood pressure has maintained fairly well.  He has had some spells of dropping or real high but nowhere near like they were.  The physicians feel that he may have gone a little too long without enough oxygen the first few days but don’t know for sure.  They are very hopeful that he will be back to the way he was prior to all of this but it is just going to take time. 

Please continue to keep him and the family in your prayers.  This has been so very hard on all of them.


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