Magnificate Monday!!!

This update brings great news!!!  My friend’s father is doing much, much better.  He even knew who she was last night…  I can not thank everyone enough for all the thoughts and prayers.  Please continue with them!

He is now asking for water, able to let them know his back is bothering him and he has even been able to joke around just a little!  So much more himself.

The had to do a lumbar puncture yesterday.  Wanted to find out if something was going on there to make him be “out of his head”.  They found that the fluid, which should be clear, was cloudy.  They feel that by removing some of that fluid, it took pressure off the brain and that helped with some of this.  Now they will need to find out why the cloudy fluid. 

Everyone is now hopeful that he will be able to return to his “old self”. 

Thank you again!!!!


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