Wacky Wednesday!!!

Okay, something new today…

Will someone PLEASE tell me how we are supposed to know which politician to vote for????  How in the world do they think we can make an informed decision when all we hear is this darn bashing mess???

Even the kids in high school don’t do this mess.  If you are going to HELP the public, let us know how.  I really don’t care what someone did in high school (if it was against the law they would be in jail and not running for public office).  Half the stuff these politicians throw around about the other candidate, they did as well. 

What happened to working for the public???  What happened to caring about the people??? When is this mess going to stop?

They wonder why there are fewer people showing up at the polls…well, who wants to vote for any of the people running?  Nobody seems to care about us.  I thought that was what they were supposed to do.  I think I should just write in Micky Mouse.  He could do a better job!

Come on, stop acting like teenagers and grow up.  If you were in school you would be suspended for bullying.  STOP IT.  How can we teach our children to “grow up” when these people in the public eye can’t do the same????

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m sick of it.


4 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday!!!

  1. I agree with you! I worked in politics and I’m even sick of the commercials. The sad part is, numerous studies have shown that they best way to win an election is to run a negative campaign. So, in a way it’s the politicians fault for putting out the negative ads…but you can’t half blame them. They put out the negative ads because we fall for them. They spend top dollar to look at the statistics and follow what they THINK the people want. So, it’s really up to us to vote for people who are running clean campaigns to send the message that we won’t stand for the negativity.

    • LOL, I haven’t seen enough “clean” ads to even know who believes in what!!! It is such a shame. Makes me crazy. What ever happened to “loving thy brother”? How can we expect the next generation to do for others if we can’t get the people most in the public eye to act like adults??? Crazy!

  2. I know…it’s so sad! I just pick the three issues that are the most important to me. Taxes, Domestic Violence, and Agriculture. Then I go on each persons website and see who aligns with my views the most. It’s usually a lose lose situation but…I try!

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