Wonderful Wednesday!!!

Are we all glad the elections are over????  If I had to look at the negative campaigns one more day….well, let’s just say I was sick of them!  I hope you all voted and the people you wanted in office made it!  Maybe, just maybe, things will start to turn around.  (I really doubt it but, gotta be hopeful). 

Now we will have a week of “OMG” look what they are doing now.  The fighting should start soon, between the Democrats and Republicans but what’s new??? hehehehe wink, wink, and a big grin.

Sometimes I think my dog could be in office and it really wouldn’t matter but that’s just my opinion.

Okay, on to better subjects…  My friend, Terri Grimes, has a new book out.  I have ordered it, I think you all should as well… It’s called, “Now I lay me down to die”.  She is a paranormal writer and very good.  I will post a review when I receive it. Well, after I read it! hahaha… 

I am working on the corrections for my book, “Waking Up”.  I hope to have it all done by today so I can resubmit it to the publisher.  Please keep all fingers and toes crossed! 

Okay, gotta run…if I don’t, I won’t get this book finished!  Talk to you all soon.

Thank you all again, and always for keeping up with me!!!  You don’t know how much I appreciate all the support!!!


4 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday!!!

  1. Defff sounds like my kind of read..I would like to read it when you are done and can’t wait to read your finished book also.

    • Don’t worry, you will get it as soon as I finish it!!! Oh, and thank you so much for reading my blog…means alot to me…

  2. well, I voted….but I’m not sure it’ll make much of a difference. Life goes on…nothing lasts forever…blah, blah, blah!!Oh and good news….the weekend approaches..YEAH!

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