Thankfully Thursday…

People, I tell you my mind is reeling…  I am trying so hard to get my first book published.  Everytime I think I’m ready to send it back to the publisher, well, let’s just say….NOT.  I find more boo boo’s.  I sometimes think I need to just throw it out the window and start something new…  But, I won’t… If it kills me, and it may, I’m going to finish this project!!!

See, I am one of those people who start something but never finish it!  Or, if I finish a project, I never re-create it.  I have made quilts, tote bags, embroidered, cross stitched, knitted, crocheted, you name it, I think I’ve tried it.  Except drawing or painting pictures…I couldn’t draw a straight line if you held the darn pencil!!!  I’m soooooo bad at that.  Oh, and my mother used to say I couldn’t put flowers together if they were all the same kind!  But, I was so hopeful about this writing.   I really do enjoy reading and writing but maybe this isn’t going to pan out either.  At least I tried!!!

So, keep fingers and toes crossed, say a prayer (that I don’t give up!)… I guess time will tell…

Love ya all!!



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