Oh my goodness, it’s Friday!!!

Here’s the scoop…  I SUBMITTED MY MANUSCRIPT BACK TO THE PUBLISHER!!!!  Now, going back through it and getting help from my daughter-in-laws, I have found more mistakes… (holding head in hands!!)  I tell you, this writing stuff isn’t easy.  But, (you know there is always a but!), I am going to continue to try.  Who knows????  Stranger things have happened!

Anyway, my husband said I need to get this, that and the other done but everyday he comes home my fingers are on this keyboard…  I am such a slacker!  Oh well, try, try, again…

I have gotten my second manuscript back from the editor, actually it was the first one written, so I need to get those corrections completed so I can send it off to somebody!!!  I am also working on a third and need to start the sequel to this book I just sent off.  I don’t know how I can be so busy and not make any money!!!  Oh well, like I said, try, try, again… hehehe.

So, (keeping my head held high), I’m going to leave you all today with this one opinion:


I know you have all heard that before but it’s the truth.  My husband says to cheer up, things could be worse…sure enough, I cheered up and things got worse!!! (not really!!!)

Talk to you soon,



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