Oh my goodness, what is today??? Oh yea…Tuesday!

Darn, where have I been???  I’ll tell you.  READING!  There are so many things I need to get done for Christmas and what do I find myself doing but reading…

Terri Grimes, it’s all your fault!  Your book, “NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO DIE” is the best!  I just can’t believe how it ‘grabbed’ me right from the start!  See, that’s what I want to do when I grow up!  Be able to write like that!  I know this can’t be the end…I have got to go and order more of your books!  Abby is wonderful, and I really didn’t know, quite honestly, if I would enjoy this type of book.  You see, I was skeptical at first.  BUT, (and the butt here is me!)  it was fantastic!!!  I love the mystery, romance and of course the actions of Duke!  He’s a pip!!!

I’m hooked now and in a way.  I think I may have to wait until after Christmas to order any more books!!!  I won’t get a thing done, including my own writing!!! 

Now, I really have huge shoes to fill.  Between Terri Grimes and Katrina Wampler, well, maybe I will stick to reading instead of writing!  These are two great authors…  Katrina’s book, “Butterfly Faith”, is outstanding.  Now, reading Terri’s book, well, lets just say I have a lot to learn!  You two have to help me out here!!!

Okay, enough on this computer.  I’m still not getting my sewing done!  Oh, and by the way…when you see these people tell you how easy it is to make a pillow with a hot glue gun, don’t believe all of it! hahaha… I have more burns on my fingers than I can count.  Now, let me sew one, and look out.  I could have had two made before I got one side glued! (Operator error).

Gotta run for now, keep checking back with me!

Thanks for reading, get one of those books for someone for Christmas, they will thank you for it!!!


2 thoughts on “Oh my goodness, what is today??? Oh yea…Tuesday!

    • Deed it did work!!! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it! I have told everybody!!! I may even get the hubby to read it!!!
      Now, thanks for the vote of confidence… I will need it!

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