Monday…What can I say???

Well folks, it has been a busy weekend, and Monday!  I am going in about 10 directions and getting no where fast… (wink, wink)

It has been one of those days where I am so tired but haven’t gotten a thing accomplished.  My sister and brother-in-law are here visiting from Arizona.  They stopped in Virginia Beach and picked up their granddaughter and brought her with them.  She is so cute.  I am so glad to see them, it’s been since last April. 

My mother in law is still not feeling very well.  I am taking her to two doctors on Wednesday and she has another appointment on the 23rd.  I guess her daughter will have to take her to that one!  I will be having another myleogram on that day and I’m not looking forward to that!  It will be on my cervical spine.  Yuck… They hurt.  Maybe I will have to take my pain meds before hand. 

Now, I have tried to get some Christmas presents made.  Why is it that I start one thing and then another then another???  If I don’t stop.  I’m driving myself crazy and believe you me, it’s a short trip!  Anyway, that’s why I’ve been scarce here lately.  Got lots to do and a short time to do it in!!! 

Keep stopping by.  I might have something useful to say next time!! hahaha. 

See ya all soon!



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