Thankfully Tuesday!

I don’t know why I’m thankful that it’s Tuesday.  I guess because that means I woke up this morning!!!  hehehe.  Any day I wake up is a good one.  We don’t always appreciate the little things.  Like the rain, after all, our trees, flowers, grass, etc.  all need it!  We need it to ‘clean’ the air sometimes.  With that being said, it does make for aches and pains!  Why does our body know when the weather changes?  Oh, I know that the doctors say its author, you know, author rightess!  I wish he would visit somewhere else.  Another planet would be good!  If Author isn’t visiting me it’s Bertha.  You all know her too.  Bertha sightess!  I think these two need to just not visit anymore.  I would be so thankful!

Oh well, enough of my visitors…So, how do you all handle all the rain?  Sleep?  Write? Read?  Sew?  I seem to try to do all of it!  I’m trying to do some embroidery now.  I have worked on this darn pig for 3 days now.  If this one doesn’t turn out, I’m off to my next project!  I have about 4 things started now.  I want to make all this stuff for Christmas presents.  Problem is, I’m supposed to have Thanksgiving here at my house.  It is a sight!  And I don’t mean that in a good way.  I need Merry Maids I think.  Problem with that is, I would have to clean before I let them in my house… Now, that kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it!!!  I don’t want anyone to see this mess.

So, my delima…I hate to clean, I don’t want to stop working on these projects, and I don’t have time to get ready for the holidays!  Sometimes I think I need to just hide or sleep right through all of it!  Somehow tho, it all gets done.  If I would get my behind off here, I might be able to accomplish something..

So, I will leave you all for now…Don’t give up on me, I’ll be back!!!


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