Oh my goodness, it’s Saturday already!!

I am really slacking here lately!!  So much going on, I haven’t been on the computer very much.  With my mother-in-law being so sick, the dogs wanting me every minute, and most of all…all the sewing!  I am making so many things now.  Slippers, purses, tote bags, embroidering, crocheting, you name it and I think I’m trying to do it!!!  I don’t know why I start so many projects at one time but I do.  I guess I get tired of one thing, go to another, then go back to the first. 

No wonder I’m crazy!  I haven’t had one minute to write.  I really should be doing that.  I wanted to get another book written in the month of November but that isn’t gonna happen.  Well, I guess I could start today and not stop…Maybe then I could do it! hehehe, NOT.  I really want to get these Christmas things made.  So, if you don’t see me on here, forgive me… I will be back!

I really do appreciate all of you who read my blog…Thanks…

Oh, I forgot to tell you, Keith’s mom is doing very well, she will be coming home on the 30th of this month.  She has gotten her prosthetic leg and walking.  I am so proud of her.  Keep her in your prayers. 

Another prayer request, Wayne Bailey isn’t doing very well.  He is the nine-year old child fighting cancer at Hopkins.  He has been on a ventilator now for a while.  I haven’t heard anything today but I did hear that they were going to take him off life support.  Let’s all pray, both for Wayne and his family.



2 thoughts on “Oh my goodness, it’s Saturday already!!

  1. So sad to watch a child go through a slow death. It’s just not fair and I’m not sure where there is a lesson to human kind from it. Prayers sent for him to not feel pain and the family to be able to deal with it all!

    Happy sewing..wish I had a good talent for that.. I’m only so so in that dept. 🙂

    • I agree Nadine. It is such a shame.
      Oh, and I am a self taught sew!!! My grandmother taught me years ago with simple things, I used to make lots of clothes. Then the material got so expensive…But, I’m back into quilting, embroidery, making pillows and that kinda stuff!!!
      Thanks for visiting!!!

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