It’s Wednesday!!!

Yeah…Many of you will have a nice long weekend!  Please enjoy but be careful…

I am giving everyone out there another job for tomorrow………BE CAREFUL AND REMEMBER WHAT THANKSGIVING SHOULD BE ALL ABOUT!!!!

This should be a time to enjoy family.  So many of us get wrapped up in the hussle bussle of cleaning the house, preparing food, cooking the food, having enough chairs and table space…Don’t do it!!!  It will be what it will be.  Everything will work out just fine.  Have fun, enjoy the family and friends you will be around tomorrow.  Don’t stress over the events of the day and let things work out as they will.  It isn’t a very pleasant day if everyone is stressed out.  That isn’t what Thanksgiving should be all about.

My reasoning with cleaning is…WHY?  I will just have to clean up after everyone leaves!  If people are coming to see how dirty my house is they have two options, one clean it up, two-leave!  I can’t worry about the dust bunnies in the corner.  They will be there long after I’m gone…  My house is very well lived in!  No one would feel uncomfortable coming in, kicking off their shoes and relaxing.  Now, with that being said, I can’t be responsible if your socks get dirty!!!  I guess I really should pick up a little!

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the people you have around you.  Just have fun!!!

HAPPY TURKEY DAY (tomorrow)!!!


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