Well, it’s Friday night already…

Can I tell you…I have had a crazy couple weeks!  Not bad, just crazy.  Lots of things going on with my mother-in-law.  Lots of stuff with trying to get Christmas stuff made, and lots of baking!!!  I love to bake.  It just seems like I start one thing and go to another then another!

I am making candles (well, really I have my sister doing that!), crocheting scarves and mittens, making pocketbooks (quilted), making pillows and blankets, quilting, baking, sewing and trying to get a new “blanket” coat made for my dog!  Who knows what I will try to do next.  I just enjoy making so many things…

I was at the hospital with my “mom” today, she had to get a CT scan, working on a scarf I am making for a gift and another wonderful lady admired it.  I just love to see how people like the things I make.  Not only does it keep me going but I enjoy making things for other people.  Especially when I know they like it!  I would be no good if I had plenty of money!!!  I would make things for everyone around.  It wouldn’t matter if I knew them or not!

I am going to be making cookies for people very soon.  I make all kinds of homemade cookies and cakes.  I may be giving some of them for gifts as well this year!  Anyone interested, let me know… If I can do it, I will!

Okay, I have too much to do to be playing on this computer!  There are only 22 days left…I may not sleep very much at all for the next few weeks! hehehe!!! 

Have a nice weekend folks, be careful and remember to say hello to a stranger!  They will smile and in turn say “hello” to someone else!

Talk to ya soon!!!


2 thoughts on “Well, it’s Friday night already…

  1. Good Lord, is there anything you can’t make? I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making candles but never worked up the nerve. One of these days I’m gonna just do it!

    You scared me with that “22 days till Christmas” business. Yikes! Time really flies in December, faster than any other time of the year I think.

    • That’s my problem…I get too many irons in the fire! I need to write but that is way on the back burner! I swear I am going to start in January instead of waiting til the last minute!!! Of course, I say that every year… hehehe.

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