I need to put a hold on the time!!! It’s Wednesday already…

Good grief people, can you believe it is the 8th of December???  I really need to slow things down just a bit.  I don’t know about the rest of you but I always think I’m ready for Christmas and I never am!  I haven’t gotten my house cleaned and rearranged for so I can even put up my tree!  I continually think about one more thing I want to make or one more thing I need to buy.  I wish I would stop this!!!  I swear every year that I’m not going to do I, but I do.   Gotta love it!

Now, I want to preach a little today.  I don’t know why I get on these tangents but after I read the news or watch it on the boob tube I can’t help but to feel thankful for all I have.  My husband is wonderful (sick right now with a terrible cold but still wonderful!), my family is dysfunctional but the best, my friends – well, I just can’t say enough about them.  I have one friend in particular that is here for me at every turn.  She takes care of me all the time, helps me clean, work on all these projects I start, takes me to the store, puts my groceries away, makes me coffee, buys me gifts (when she really shouldn’t), and well, I just can’t type it all on here!  I love her like a sister. (She knows I would do the same for her!)

My point here is, we have to be thankful for all we have.  Yes, we are going to have tough times, yes, some days we feel like we just can’t take another day of all that goes on, yes, we have times when we want to just curl up and cry but, with all that, things could be so much worse.  Look at all the folks out there that have NO ONE, how about the homeless, what about the children who are abandon and don’t have parents or grandparents to take care of them, how about the ones in the hospital who don’t even know if they will be here for Christmas?  There are so many people out there much worse off then we are.  They would love to have a warm place to lay their heads, a hot meal, someone to take care of them, even a sister or brother, even a friend!

Let us all be THANKFUL, especially this time of year.  Tell the people you love that you do love them.  Let your children know just how special they are.  Hug your grandchildren.  Help out a friend.  Just be THANKFUL!


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