Thursday, almost the weekend!!!

Okay, here I go again!!!!  I am winding down I think.  It’s like when I write, I have so many things going on in my mind that I just can’t sleep.  Up at three in the morning, thinking about some of these projects…now you all know I must be nuts!  (Well, that was never a question!)  I don’t know why I do this stuff to myself.  People laugh at me.  I just get on a roll and decide I like this, that and the other!  I wish I had my own shop.  It would be full of just about anything and everything.

These “objects” I am making all the kids is really neat!  I hope they like them.  My friend’s son certainly likes his.  My husband wanted to know why I gave it to him already, it was supposed to be for Christmas…well, I’m terrible about waiting for people to “see” what I made.  I get more excited about watching their reaction than they do with the gift!!!

I’m just a big kid I guess…Anyway, I just wanted to say hello today!  I won’t give you all any more jobs today!  Just remember to be nice, say hello, open doors, etc.  (oops, there I go again!!!)  Sorry!!!

Love you all, I’ve got another idea…gotta go!  Have a great day! (Darn it, I just gave you all another job!!! )


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