Saturday! Yeah, I think!!!

I’m telling you Christmas will be here before we know it.  I am scrambling to get everything done that I want to get done!  My granddaughter is having a fit for me to get my tree up so she can decorate it.  I guess that is what will be going on this evening!  I am in the middle of all this embroidery and sewing!  If I DON’T stop coming up with other ideas!!!  I have to finish some of the things I have started.  When will it end???? 

Then, of course, I think “Oh, so and so would love this”, “I can make that, it won’t take long”, “Let me just try one of these!”.  I swear, if I don’t stop I want someone to hit me over the head with a brick!!  (Not really, then I really wouldn’t get this stuff done!!)  I also have my baking to do!  I’m supposed to go with my Aunt to the cemetary to put wreaths down tomorrow and it’s supposed to rain.  If that happens then I will try to get the baking done then.  If not, it will have to wait another day!!! 

I was up at 5 again this morning, thinking of all the stuff I had to do!  I decided I had better go back to sleep for a few minutes or I wouldn’t be any good today!!!  I guess I will just have to put sleep on the back burner until after the holidays.  Maybe then I can rest!!!

Hope you all aren’t in such dilimas!!!  Let’s please keep the sick and lonely in our prayers this holiday season!  It’s not much to ask!!!


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