Oh my goodness, slacking, slacking!!!

I have been on a darn roller coaster here lately!  I have to get myself back in the groove of things!!! hehehe.

I have been on this dang education thing!!!  Will someone PLEASE explain to me why we go on and on about children “cheating” on one thing or another when the ‘system’ does the same thing on a larger scale!  Let me explain…

Every child learns at a different pace.  All children are NOT created equal!!!  So, with that being said the schools have this “no child left behind” thingy and have to show that they are teaching (things set in stone to teach), on the same pace as every other class in their grade.  Well, what they do is put 1/2 of the faster learning students in with students that may need a bit longer time to learn the same thing.  All kids are not going to be “A” students.  That is okay!  It would be an awful dull world if we all were on the same intelligent level.  Not all students are going to go to college, and that is perfectly fine.  College is not made for everyone.

When I went to school (100 years ago), we were placed in classes that we were ready to take.  If I was a little slower in reading (which I was), I was placed in the slower paced class.  Now, math on the other hand (I was a wiz at math!!!), I was placed in classes higher than my grade level.  We were put in the class that fit our learning speed.  Now, I understand that this took some work on the part of the school system but why, instead of paying all this money on making set standards for all kids in say 6th grade, we have three level classes.  One for students that may take 2 weeks to learn say, division, another class for students that only take one week to learn the same concept, and yet another group that can learn the same information in a day or so. 

Why, tell me why, can the teachers not set their own lesson plans?????  I know when my Aunt taught first and second grade 45 years ago, she knew which students needed what help to get through and understand the lessons SHE set.  She was able to be creative with her teaching.  All of her students were able to move on each year.  She taught all levels of elementary school.  The students were taught to RESPECT their teacher.  The did what they were told and enjoyed learning.

We have kids taking tests to get into kindergarten now!!!! COME ON…  No wonder they are tired of school before they reach high school.  I learned how to do math, without a calculator.  I wrote term papers by hand and had better have penmanship that the teacher could read!!!  We had spell check as well, it was called a dictionary!!!

I am not opposed to technology and the computers and such.  I just wish our children and grand child could “learn” how to do things without the help of electronics.  I wish they could learn at the pace that would be helpful to them, I wish the teachers were able to use their creativity to TEACH these kids…I guarentee there would not be any child left behind and we wouldn’t need all these “tests”.  Tests like that just let us know who can keep information for an hour or so, not their true intelligence!!!


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