My, my it’s Monday!

Let me see…I have had lots of ups and downs here lately!  Not bad, but up and down just the same!  Yesterday was such an “UP” day!  I had so much fun with a friend and my sister!  We went to the slots in Ocean Downs!!  My “friend”  taught us how to play black jack!  (I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad!!!)  I laughed and yelled so much I darn near lost my voice!!  I don’t know if my hubby is very happy with me but at least I don’t do that very often!

Today has been one of those, kinda down day!  Probably had too much fun yesterday! 

The truth of the matter is, I sometimes feel guilty when I have a good time.  I feel bad for all of those out there that just survive or get by.  I just don’t let myself enjoy things without thinking of those less fortunate.

Then, I have this manuscript out there with a publishing company…I don’t think they are going to accept it, again.  Oh well, I have tried…I have 3 more books I’m working on so I need to get busy with them.  Maybe something will happen there!

Then there are all these darn shootings and stuff.  What is this darn world coming to?  I have never heard of so much crap going on in my life.  When I was young the worse we worried about was getting home before dark so we didn’t get in trouble!  Now, kids have to worry about getting home from school safe, kids in school shooting them, parents beating them up or killing each other!  I never in all my life…

Well, I’m not gonna dwell on all this mess today, gonna try to get back in that “happy” place I was yesterday!!!!


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