Thankfully Thursday!!

Well folks, it’s Thursday once again!  Time gets away from me so fast…  This week has flow by.  I haven’t felt very well this week, having issues either with my pacemaker or heart.  Could just be some unstable angina, I get that sometimes but all I do know is that it hasn’t been pleasant.  I’m some better today, of course, I see the doctor today!!! hehehe (I’m glad, I don’t want to go back to the hospital)

Okay, enough of that…

I want to let everyone know that a good friend of mine, Katrina Wampler, is getting a writing group together.  She has “Katlogic”.  It is a site for authors, publishers, editors, and writers in general!!!  She is going to have people host blogs, teach classes and work with us inspiring writers!!!  Please go to her blog.  Katlogic, follow her tweets, check her out of Facebook and yahoo…

I would love to see this group get thousands of members!!!

Remember Katlogicbookclubs: Katlogic book clubs…  sign in today!!!  Yahoo groups…

I am going to be starting a newsletter…(I think)


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