Yea, it’s Friday!!! The weekend is almost here…

Okay, just to keep everyone updated…I went to the doctor yesterday about this darn chest pain.  He has me go get blood work at the hospital, STAT.  Wanted to make sure I hadn’t had a heart attack or didn’t have any issues with clots!  He told me he would call me immediately if there were any problems…I didn’t get a call!  yeah…guess I’m okay for a little while longer!! hehehe…  He also told me it could be costolcondritis.  Costolcondritis is an infection in the tissue between the ribs in the chest.  No one knows why you get it or really how to treat it except for things like motrin and either heat or ice!  It should go away in a few days.  (I hope that’s all it is!)  All I know is, this chest pain hurts!!!  So sharp, takes your breath away.  I’m not suppose to exert myself.  Just rest!  HA! 

Then the doc wanted to know if there was any significant “stress” in my house!!!  Oh my goodness, I just had to laugh!  I wouldn’t know how to function if I didn’t have any stress!!!  Anyway, looks like I will be around for a while longer!  Hopefully, I won’t have to go to the hospital for a long, long time! 

Now, on to the next issue…

I will be working with my good friend, Katrina Wampler, on her newest project.  One that we have talked about for a long time…Kat Logic Book Club.  This is on yahoo groups.  Katrina’s blog is  The site is  Please join us, teach a class, add some imput, give advice!!!  We will be having a newsletter coming out later this year.  We invite authors, publishers, editors, and people like me…inspiring authors to join.  We will be having online classes offered later on…Keep checking in.  Find out what we are doing!!!

Contact Katrina at or me at



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