Suddenly Saturday…

Well, the weekend is here!  Is everyone gonna be watching the football game today?  I’m not much of a football fan anymore but I think this is going to be a wonderful game!

Anyway, I’m here today to let everyone know that Katrina Wampler and I are working on a book club: We are looking for you to become a member!!!  If you like to read, write, edit, publish or teach, please come check us out.  We will be having questions posted for discussions.  Some questions already posted have included:  Self publish or traditional?, How did you get a book signing?, and Are you interested in teaching a class!  We will be continuing to have these discussion questions posted and are very interested in your comments!

Please email Katrina at or me at  We love to hear from you!

We will be reading books and adding their link to, under “great books…”.  Eventually, we will be having groups get together to discuss the books, see what everyone thinks!  I am so excited about all this…I love to read, and write.  I enjoy all genre’s, now with that being said, we are keeping this clean!!!  No crazy stuff will be posted.  Get up with one of us, (or both!!).  Let us know what you think, what your ideas are.  We will eventually be having a newsletter available.  It will not only discuss the books, it will also have advice from published authors, publishers, editors, etc.  This is going to be an exciting new adventure for us and we hope for you as well!

Thank you all so much for continuing to support me!  Please continue to check in with me everyday!

Remember:  You can always “go away” without leaving your couch!  READ!!!


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