Monday, Monday!!!

Let me see here, where did I leave off??? Oh, well, I’ve told you all about how I got into writing, I’ve told you about my ailments, now let me tell you a little about what I write!!!

I started my first book as a mystery.  I love mysteries.  I like all the twists and turns involved.  That book was with an editor when I wrote my second book.  I have dealt with many “addicts” in my life.  From siblings, to children, to nieces and nephews.  I thought if I could write a book geared to young people, explaining some of what can happen when you get involved with the wrong crowd, maybe, just maybe it would help at least one person.  As it turns out this second book has been ready for publishing before the first one!

I haven’t gotten it published yet but I’m working on it.  I have to get it submitted!  I have submitted to a couple of publishing companies but to no avail.  I won’t give up on this book, I feel it’s pretty good.  Maybe not the best I will ever write, but interesting still the same.

With this going on, I have other works in progress I need to get busy with and Katrina Wampler and I have gotten a book club together, Kat Logic Book Club and are working to get it off the ground.  Katrina is busting her behind with the submission list for our first voting!  We are going to have members vote on which book they would like to read first.  Then we will go from there.  We are working to have online classes for authors.  Many different things are in the works now and we would love to have any and all suggestions.

Please visit us at  Also visit us at:

Thanks!  Glad to hear from all of you…


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