It’s Sunday and beautiful!


I hope this animation works!!! So funny

Folks, I am almost speechless!  Mind you I said, “almost”.

Change is something I always enjoyed.  I loved the adventure of moving to a different place, learning new things, meeting new people.  As I have gotten older and gone through all the different changes in my life, I have learned so much.  Some good, some not so good but I learned just the same.  We all make mistakes.  They way I look at it, if you learn from it, it wasn’t all bad!

Now, after preaching all of that, I have a friend named Katrina.  She told me almost two years ago that the Lord had a plan for me.  For me NOT to give up on my writing, to keep on pushing forward.  She sat here at my home, after I hadn’t seen her in years and helped me get on the right foot with my manuscripts.  She has three children, works a full-time job, writes, volunteer fire fighter, and goes to school but she found time to help me get on the right foot with my writing.  Now that is what I call a friend!

After all the struggles, back and forth with the emails, instant messages, text message and phone calls, it has paid off!!!!!

“WAKING UP” is being published!!!!  I did the dance Laurel and Hardy are doing!  I can not believe it.  Katrina, you were right!  She told me it would happen and it seems she was absolutely right!  I am going to be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

I don’t know exactly when my book will come out.  I will be working with an editor to fix all my boo boo’s and then a cover will need to be made and who knows what else will have to be done!  I am just so excited!

Come back tomorrow so I can tell you all about the fabulous person I have met through Kat Logic Book Club!  She is going to help me get through all the next few steps.  I have already talked to her for hours and feel like I have known her my entire lifetime!  Thank you Debra!  I will be talking about you tomorrow!!!!

Again, thank you to all of you who have kept “pushing” me along.  Please continue to stick with me!!!



7 thoughts on “It’s Sunday and beautiful!

    • I never in a million years thought this would happen with my first book!!! I am so excited and you are right, it’s heaven!!!

  1. sorry it has taken me this long to get over here. Had a huge fire today.

    I am so proud of you… so very proud. I knew it would happen someday and I am so thankful to finally see this happen for you. You are so talented and definitely deserve this wonderful news.

    I can’t wait to see the final product. It’s been such a pleasure to be with you on this road. You’ve been one of the best friends anyone could ask for and I am so blessed to have you in my life.

    love you girl…. doing the happy dance with you.

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