My goodness, is it really February first already??

Time has gotten by me once again.  I sit at my computer for hours on end or in front of a book for that same amount of time.  Once there, I get lost.  I don’t know a thing about the time, weather, or anything else around me.  My poor puppy dog’s walk around with their legs crossed, the house stays in a state of disaster, clothes sit in the laundry basket, the mail piles up, and sometimes my husband doesn’t get fed.


I guess it’s just part of the job!  It’s somewhat like being in your own tunnel or cave, away from the rest of the world, wrapped up in your own world.

I totally understand people having a “one track mind”.  The strange thing is, when I worked in the Operating Room as a nurse, I had to do so many things at one time.  I had to listen for the scrub tech, to get them what they needed, listen for the surgeon, anesthesia person, take care of my patient, paperwork, check the instruments (not necessarily in this order), and keep track of the time.  It was a difficult job at times but I did it.

But when it comes to writing/reading, forget it.  I have so many people running around in my head, well, I just can’t have the outside distractions.

With this being said, go to: (katlogicbookclubs) and answer today’s question!

We love hearing from you and value your opinions!  Keep checking back here for more information on my book, “Waking Up”.




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