Fabulous Friday

Do you all believe it’s Friday!!!  Superbowl weekend, be safe.

Okay, let me tell you why I have another happy dance going on…I have had a published author read my second book (which really was the first one I wrote).  She likes it!  Hey Mikey, she likes it!!! (I may be telling my age!  All of you may not remember the commercial!)  Any who ha, I am just as excited as a child at Christmas.  I have to do some more editing, fixing, rearranging, but then I am going to be submitting it to publishers!

So, how do you all like that???  See, dreams can come true, if you work for it.  With the help of God and my family and friends, I may be on my way!  I’m a gonna try!

My husband says I very trying, trying his patience that is!!!  As bad as someone saying they are very becoming…becoming what???

So, I will work on my editing now!  Also gotta get busy with the book cover!

Leave me comments, let me know what ya think!!!


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