Soggy Saturday

Oh my goodness, it is such a mess here today!  I guess it could be much worse…all this could be snow!  (Sorry about ya’ll that are getting so much of that white stuff).  Anyway, this darn weather is killing my knees!  Here I am trying to edit my next book and my knees are telling me” NO, NO  we hurt, worry about us…”  Oh dear Lord, now not only are my characters talking to me, my body is as well.  (I think I need help!)

Seriously kids, the more I re-read my book, I’m liking it even better!  The things these kids can get into.  Ellen, as smart as she is, will continue to play master sleuth until she figures out what exactly is going on in her home.  Jane, well, Jane is Jane.  She is the youngest, twelve years old, and just changing from a child to a young woman and just doesn’t know how to handle things.  Thomas is getting ready to head off to college.

Ellen is a very intelligent child.  She loves to read and finds old documents about the home. (I guess I should say large plantation home)  She knows something is going on but what?  Her determination, will it prevail, maybe, maybe not!

I can’t go into a lot today.  I will do that little by little as the weeks and my progress continue.  In the mean time, please keep reading…


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