I’m not sure anymore but I think today is Wacky Wednesday!

Folks, I’ve been missing for a few days…It’s been terribly hectic.  My mother in law had a terrible fall on Friday, after just having surgery the Monday before.  We felt she needed to be seen at the hospital.  Well, we had to have the ambulance carry her because she couldn’t walk very well and I was afraid to try to get her in the car.

She was admitted.  Cat Scans, MRI’s, x-rays, heart monitor and many other tests later revealed NOTHING.  Outside of many bumps and bruises, they found that due to the anesthesia, medications, stress from the surgery and the vertigo she has experienced, was just too much for her body to handle all at once.  She had a stroke about three years ago and the brain decided to mimic those same symptoms.  She didn’t have another stroke (thank goodness) but the same signs and symptoms reappeared.  This is just something some elderly folks experience.

Sunday was the worse day.  I have known this wonderful lady for almost 30 years and never have I ever seen her so confused.  It really scared the you know what out of me.  Usually, one of her children or myself can bring her “back” to reality with just a little explaining.  Sunday, nothing seemed to work.  Actually, she had some of this Saturday night while my sister-in-law was with her.

Thank goodness, Monday she was pretty much back to herself.  Yesterday was even better.  Physical therapy worked with her and she was all on it!  She was able to follow each and every command perfectly.  The hospital felt she would do well with a few days of inpatient physical and occupational therapy and she agreed.  They transferred her to an inpatient unit yesterday afternoon.

“Mom” has lived with us since November and we have gotten very attached.  We seem to know each others “isms”.  I felt like a mother leaving her child alone last night when we had to leave her.  (The facility has very strict visiting hours.)  We actually got locked into the unit and we were only five minutes past the visiting time!

I know this will help her get her strength back, and I realize they have rules that have to be followed but darn.  I just felt terrible leaving her.

Anyway, this is why I haven’t updated anything for a few days.

Please, if you all will, keep Mom in your thoughts and prayers for us.  She is one very special lady!

Thanks so very much.


2 thoughts on “I’m not sure anymore but I think today is Wacky Wednesday!

  1. Thoughts and prayers heading your way. My mom died two years ago and I am still very lost. She had a lot of health issues herself but there is nothing we wouldn’t do for her. I’m glad your mom-in-law has someone as caring as you. Hang in there.

    • Thanks Kay,
      She’s the only one we have left. We lost my own mother almost nine years ago now (I can’t believe it), my father three years ago and father-in-law two years ago. It has been a rough time. She is such a great person. My husband says it’s scary how much her and I are alike! We are just hoping and praying she can get her strength back and get back to more of “herself”.
      Thank you again for the comment and the prayers, they are most welcome!!! (And they truly work!)

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