Thunderous Thursday

I posted yesterday about where I’ve been and what’s going on.  Today I want to keep things very short and sweet.

I want to preach a little about our elderly relatives.  Folks, we can not just have them sit “alone”, stay at home by them self “alone”, or if they are in a facility “alone”.  We need to remember without them, we wouldn’t be here!

So many times we all get so wrapped up in our own lives, with work, children, fixing dinner, getting homework done, bath time, laundry, dishes, etc…Well, we all have such busy lives now a days.  I understand how hard it is.

I wondered, fussed, cussed, ranted and raved about why, why would the Lord have me go to nursing school only to be out on disability six years later.  Well, he knows what he is doing.  I have been able to have the time to spend with all my parents (in-laws included!).  I am blessed.  I have a wonderful family, great siblings, and fabulous in-laws.  Thank goodness we are all here together to help each other and Mom (Mom mom).

So, with all this being said, make the phone call to just say “hello, how are you?”.  Stop by with a platter for dinner.  Take them to lunch.  Something.  None of us know how long we will be here on earth.  When the Lord calls us home, well we will go but in the mean time, don’t forget our elderly family members.  They need company and the knowing that they are loved…


3 thoughts on “Thunderous Thursday

  1. Aunt T,
    This made me a little sad. I miss living close to family because ya’ll are so important to me. I remember just stopping by to say hi. Even when you weren’t feeling good I’d just stop by. I miss that a lot. I love you so much and I couldn’t agree with you more about the elderly. It’s so sad when people come into my work and I ask them why no one helps them. Some have no one. I love when they leave with a smile because I give them hope.

    You are an amazing, talented, and caring person. God has a reason for everything. Just keep trucking and stay strong.

    • Thank you so much Ash. I miss you as well but you are making a life for yourself! We love you and know you think about us as we do you!! You keep up the good work with school and helping other people like I know you do!!!
      Oh, and thank you!

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