Scruffy Saturday

Good morning everybody.  I hope you are all holding on to your hats today.  Like a friend of mine posted, “I’m expecting the lady on a bicycle with a little dog in her basket to fly by my second story window at any time now!”  In other words, the wind here is terrible!  I’m going to hope and pray that no trees decide to topple down on my house today.

Any way, I want to get back to my book!  I have been on my soap box here lately and need to stop.  (Sometimes I just go on and on and on and…well, you get the picture)

Okay, here goes…Editing…Dear Lord, I hope he helps me get through all of it.  There are so many mistakes.  I can’t believe I used to get straight “A’s” in English.  So many punctuation errors.

Now, one of my main characters, Angel, has fallen in with the wrong group.  Apparently, she started using drugs even before she finished high school.  Her very best friend in the whole wide world never knew just how deep Angel had gotten into these drugs.  Sheila, well, she had also tried pot but that really was all she did, try it.  Now of course both girls would drink when they went to parties and such but what 18-year old hasn’t dabbled some in drinking?  Shoot, when I was 18 it was legal!  (Now I’m telling my age)

Little does Angel know, her supplier Rob, has other plans for her.  He is such a shady guy.  Bradley has been scheming  with Rob and some of his shenanigans.

Sheila and Billy are trying to get Angel to get away from this bunch.  But who will win over?  The millionaire and his drugs or the best friend since childhood?

You will have to read “Waking Up” to find out.  See from the eyes of the teenager, just how things are!

Okay, so now you know just a very little about “Waking Up”.  It will be in print sometime soon, you will have to buy it, and read it!!!

Maybe if you all are good little boys and girls, I will let you know more a little later!! hehehe


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