Mystical Monday

What happened to the good weather????  Now they are saying we may get snow again.  Now look, I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m ready for Spring!  Anyway, let me tell you what’s going on!  I am so excited!!!  My first “baby” is soon going to be published!!!  I hope you all will find it in your hearts to buy it.  I will let you know when it will be out.  So, let me tell you more about Angel and Sheila!!!

Angel has been getting her drugs from a guy she met in school.  He is such a “shady” character.  The things he has up his sleeve are not very nice!  Angel doesn’t have a job but she has to get money to keep her in her habit.  Rob sets her up with an “interview”.  (I can’t tell you more, you will have to read the book!)  Sheila and another friend, Billy are trying to find out who the “interview” is with and what the situation really is!  Billy understands some of the situation and explains to Sheila how he knows.  Sheila’s mom also knows more than she is telling.  Sheila is so concerned for Angel, scared for Angel, and wants to get her away from these people.

Can she do it?  What will happen to Angel if Sheila and Billy can’t get her straight?  When “Waking Up” comes out, you have to read it!


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