Here we are again…Wacky Wednesday!

CAN YOU ALL BELIEVE IT????  My book is finished!  The cover, front and back, the inside, all of it!!! YEAH!!!!

I don’t remember ever being so excited in my life!  Well, my marriage, my child, my grandchildren, okay, so I  have been excited before but this…this is something I never in all my wildest dreams thought would ever happen.  Little ol me, a published author!  As my niece says, “One more thing I can scratch off my bucket list.”

I have another book, A Passage in the Dark.  This one is a mystery.  I don’t have it all polished or published yet!  (Notice I said yet)  I am going to work on it next and then I will have to write the sequel to Waking Up.

I can’t leave you all hanging.  Does Angel straighten up?  Will Sheila and her mom be okay?  What about Bradley?  Does he get straight with Angel’s father?  Is there any marriage plans?  Guess what?  I don’t know yet!!!  I will have to let these characters tell me.  Yes, I said it…the characters talk to me.  They direct me all the way though the book.  If I try to go in a certain direction and it really doesn’t fit with the character, they will let me know!  You wouldn’t believe the dreams and conversations I have!  Sometimes my husband thinks I’m nuts, and maybe I am, but to write about these fictitious characters, you have to get to know them so to speak.

It’s like an actor getting into character.  They study and learn just who the person is that they have to become.  In writing, I am learning, you have to know who the characters are, what they like, what they do, what they look like.  All of those things and more.

Thank goodness for all the wonderful people out there that help me.  So many authors, writers, publishers, editors, and just good friends and family.  Without all of their help I wouldn’t be able to do any of it!!!

Thanks guys!  You know who you are…


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