Friday is here!!! Yay the weekend is just a few hours away!

I can’t believe it folks…Waking Up, my Book, my first, has gone to print!  This has been a wonderful experience.  It takes a long time to get things going, and the road can be bumpy, but it is all worth it!  When you see your first Book cover, with your name on it…well, there just are no words to describe it.

You can go to to see Waking Up’s cover.  Click on the book and there you can read the blurb.  If you would like to order it, well you can do that also.

I am in so much hope that this book will at least let some of our young people know they aren’t the only ones!  There is hope.  It should also let the people on the other side realize, to get clean has to be the choice of the person using.  No one else can fix them, but them.  We can be there for support or help pick them up when they fall but that is about all.

I also want people to know and understand.  Just because our lives take a detour, it doesn’t mean we can’t get back to where we should be.  Just because our “plans” for our lives change, doesn’t mean we can’t do something else.  Just because I can’t work as a nurse, doesn’t mean I have to stop living.  I deal with pain and sicknesses every day but I get through it.  We all can.  Don’t ever give up.  When my back and legs won’t let me do much, I use my hands and write.  If my hands and wrists don’t want to play one day, I try to walk.  And there are some days I just lay around, and that is okay also.  I have to just take it day by day!  We all do!!!


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