It’s Tuesday Afternoon…

It’s March 1, 2011…seems like Christmas was just here and now it’s almost Spring!  (I’m ready!!)

We got Mom home from Rehab today!  It’s so nice to have her back home.  Two and a half weeks is a long time to be either in the hospital or a rehab.  We have both been asleep all afternoon!  Both of us exhausted.

On another note, I have been on today…My Book, Waking Up, is available for the Kindle!  I can’t wait until my book comes out in print!  It should be soon now.  I am hoping to have another book, A Passage in the Dark, edited by the end of next month.  This book is a mystery.  I wrote it last year but haven’t gone through it yet.  I got so involved with Waking Up that it got put on the back burner!

I also have another book in the works but don’t know if I should work on it or work on the sequel to Waking Up!!!  I have lots to do!! I also need to get working on some marketing ideas…I have got to get the word out there to sell, sell, sell!!!

Anybody have any good ideas????


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