Monday once again…and we are Home!

It was a wonderful week away in Florida!  The weather was lovely, company the best, food-well, lets just say we all ate too much!!!

It was so good to see a friend of mine from high school.  We got to meet his wife, had dinner together a couple of times, and got to visit for a day on the beach!  So much to catch up on after 35 years!  Thanks Mike!

Mom had a wonderful week.  She went shopping, out to dinner, and got to visit some.  She was very tired when she got home last night but content.  She has quite a bit of swelling in her ankle and knee but most likely due to all the “traveling” she has done this week.  She is walking very well, and looks great.  She was so glad to see us, as were the puppy dogs.  However, the older one wanted to growl at me for a while.  He does it every time we go away and don’t take him.  It’s almost like he blames me for taking his daddy away from him!!  Animals are such funny creatures!

Anyway, now that play time is over, I have one book to edit and I need to get writing the sequel to Waking Up!  So far the reviews are great.  No one likes the ending, they want more…I guess that’s a good sign!  I just know I will be busy for a while but I will be online more now!!  (Aren’t you all just tickled pink!!!!)

So, continue to follow me here on my blog and Facebook!  I will be working on my website as well,

Thanks everyone for reading!!!  See ya in print soon…


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