Mystical Monday

The weekend is over, and Monday is here.  Another week of work, work, and more work.

I have made up my mind that I am going to work on ways to promote my book.  I need to be also working on the next in this series (yes, I said series!!!).  I like writing books that continue!  I have to make them so you can read them individually but would like to have everyone read all of them.

My mind keeps wondering back and forth between some of the other ideas I have for books.  I have to get this brain to slow down.  (hehehe).  I have worked on writing an outline so that I can keep all my ideas in order.  I haven’t done an outline before but I know how I go on and on!  My first book, Waking Up, has many twists and turns so I need to make sure I address these issues.  Whew…this second book may be harder than the first!

My next problem (or task I should say) is to figure out a way to get my book out there.  I want to get as many young people to read it as I can.  The message provided in Waking Up is for all young people.  Eventually, I would love to be a speaker.  I want to get the word out.  Drugs and alcohol can kill.  You can get clean but it will take work.  Don’t let someone get hurt, or worse killed, before you get help.  You (the addict) are not alone.  There are programs out there to help.

Everything will work out…or will it???  You will have to read, Waking Up, to find out, or will you??? You may have to read the next book, Going Down!!!

Have a great Monday everyone…Leave me a comment!!!

Remember, go to or and buy your copy of Waking Up!


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